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Using 4k camera!

Alhamdulillah doing my 3rd startup company work, for event recording. Is challenging to master your skills and what you’re good at. To do your best and also do things with quality.

Actual event at the Indonesia School in Singapore

At times i felt that, i need to learn more so i can educate others too, to have same skill as me and also people around me could share their knowledge too, to better our quality and services. I’m glad to collaborate and learn more photography tools/equipments and also video tools. For the first time i get to produce 4K videos.

the team! and the speakers.

Finally, after all these years. Manage to produce 4K, Ultra HD videos. Recording in .mp4 format with Relay Recording & Setup with H4N recorder with G3 Sennheiser Mic is manageable but when dealing with editing on Final Cut Pro X & uploading you need high level of patience, from sound, layering, thumbnail, description to waiting time can take up to 6hrs & up to 3 days to able to appear on youtube, “4K icon” in the video settings. File is so huge and took up my entire hard disk space! I need more TB, Terabyte! Digital Files & Back-up data can be tough to deal with too. Time, tools & equipment is expensive, so have to do it real quick when everything is balance. Glad to get this done!

DVD Design & Printed

But is not done until you get it to the hands of the viewers from mobile phones, laptops on internet surfing through the social media post and also on DVD so it can be watch on DVD player. And also is my first time creating a dvd with custom menu. It works beautifully. I love creating content and also make production stuffs. So it can benefit others.

Video Editing on Final Cut Pro X, Lightroom, Photoshop & DVD Maker Pro
Social Media Posts

After the event and work, we went sight-seeing in Singapore to see the beautiful places! Skyscrappers, food & hangout in the city area.

Marina Bay Sands, Photoshoot together with the speaker guest & beautiful architectural!

Originally published at www.fajarsiddiq.com on March 5, 2017.

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