When you're sick.

No one is going to take care of you and especially your business when you’re sick.
 So this is an experience that i recently gone through. I never been sick for almost a year. And this is the first time ever i got really really sick. I had cough, flu, dizziness, sore throat, fever out of nowhere right after i woke up from my sleep. Well all i can say is islamic term “kaffarah”. On the other side. Stay healthy is really important. Is good to know i’ve stop smoking for almost 3 years and i’m really happy to take care of my health better.

my neighbourhood, i took this shot when i was sick

All i do is to take the medicine and eat. Took some remedies, Add some ginger and honey drink up to clear my sore throat. At the same time i gaggle my throat with mixed salt and warm water. Thanks to the youtube. The recent paracetamol prices like the brand panadol is now really expensive, 2 slabs of 16 is now $10.50. Wow. And they have many version from cough & flu, extra and everything else. I really like the panadol extra. It speed up my process. Thanks to my eldest for coming all the way to cook for yong tau foo noodles with hot soup. When i’m sick, it reminds me when i was young my late mom use to take care of me and i miss that moment. Now i’m all grown up and i’m staying alone, even when i’m sick, i have to pray on time still, slowly and feeling so dizzy. At the same time i have to clean and cook for myself. Is really tough. I don’t know how many times i have to shower warm water for the past 4 days in one night lol. I turn on my water heater and i set it high. I was feeling very cold, it was very hard to sleep and it felt so dizzy all the time, i felt the mucus kinda like stuck on my face muscles just like sinus. Block nose and running nose. All i do is just to bear with the pain and be very patient.

Is very important to take good care of yourself.
 Thanks to my friends who make supplications for me.

Originally published at on November 24, 2016.