The lonely moon

2:30am from Yishun, Singapore with Celestron C6-SGT Computerized Telescope & DSLR canon 600d.

Spending my time at night alone, moon-gazing.One of my hobby since young to understand the universe & solar system in Astronomy Science. My passion for technology & astronomy ❤️ With My Celestron C6-SGT Computerized Telescope. Always made me curious & amazed about Allah’s creations. It’s beautiful. ????

Telescope & Camera

Snap on my Iphone 5SE ??Subhanallah, i’m always speechless looking at the moon. Capturing the best moment from the Almighty’s creation, light through the darkness. It’s always beautiful to see it live & up close. I can’t wait to see the new moon ❤️??? ??

Originally published at www.fajarsiddiq.com on March 9, 2017.