SIM University - Platform E

Got a souvenir keychain from Platform E for attending the talk

I woke up in the morning feeling sleepy and had to go for this networking session by platform e at SIM university. Well to summarize a little bit, i really like the whole entire “course” thingy like for 1 year you commit on the platform together in the family and community, then learning from the mentors and the next following year you will be doing the pitching on your demo day. Provided with the learning tools and co-working space. It will be a good environment for me.

Dragging myself to SIM University for this talk and meeting other entrepreneurs and professors. Should i sign up? I love bootstrapping! I’m so not use to this environment. I qualified by i think money is just an issue. Seems like a long run kind of thing!

Starting up in this stage ever since 2011, have been very lonely for me and i struggle through at all means from building a design company to offering technology services to build communities and giving back to the society. Is been a great journey and i want to take that leap of faith. I have to learn alot of things, about the religion, youth, community, business, creative and technology. I really don’t know where to begin again, i felt that i’ve tried all i can but i just don’t want to take a huge risk like handling finance in a bad way because many startups fail and many business go out of funds and money due to the lack of creating something that could grow by itself. I have to find the best resources that could quickly grow my company and also using the best strategy to scale the business.

I was too lazy to write downs, i end up just taking photos on the slides! haha

Most people out there is just a clone of another company and at times i find it, it is really such a nuisance to the eco-system and at times they want to compete with you for no reason, but as you keep building and growing, you know what is your vision and mission of your ideas of the company you want to build. I started out doing things in the community and i felt designing for the people who needs my service is the only reason that kept me going.

I think i did a great job, taking all these shots and trying to understand them once the talk is finished. Is very useful.

I never really want to start a company but as i move along over the years from freelancing to being sole-proprietor and now i want to build a SME. Why do i want to build SME? Maybe i need more people to join me, i need accountant who can handle the finance, i need the sales people to sell the product and teach people how to understand my product/service, need programmers/engineers who can handle the IT support/maintenance, need designers who can design awesome cool stuffs, need people who can mange the space i want to rent where we build things.

totally forgot what it means. I speak basic Chinese only. Sorry professor.

But all of these, require alot of money. No just thousands, probably millions. I need to think on how to pay their basic salary and minimum wages and such. Isn’t a dream? Or it could be done? So many questions that i asked myself. I remain silent and try to think what are the ways i could do this? I keep on dreaming and yet still doing what i truly believe. I wish i have more money so i could go for this.

Wrap things up! Food is all what makes me happy! i guess i’m here only for the food! but wait, i did talk to many people. It was great experienced.

Originally published at www.fajarsiddiq.com on February 11, 2017.