Server Propagate - Cpanel Clear Emails

Expensive still on godaddy! I don’t like to upgrade.

Trying to understand dedicated server and understand that Cpanel have spam emails.I’m using godaddy service for hosting and domain. I realize this is need to be fix and chatted with the agent to discuss about it and glad he clear the hidden spam emails on cpanel. I mean no one knows there is even an email on cpanel. haha.

It was the Cpanel Emails on godaddy.com!

Wait is it me only don’t know? haha. okay i’m new to this thanks to the agent for letting me know and clearing up some unwanted files in my file usage. I have to switch to level 3 and also knowing that to switch to business hosting account for premium. Alright alot of thinking need to be done. But it is done now. I’m glad.

So right now the domain i hosting from my hosting is not available, trying to solver this but the agent says is waiting for propagate . So weird, i waited and it doesn’t show up anything on my website itself.

clearing all the emails that i don’t access at all.

Originally published at www.fajarsiddiq.com on February 18, 2017.