Purpose & Passion in 2017

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So is already 2017. Here i am doing my best. But is still not the very best as much as everything is planned. Trying to do things better each day, with the help of close friends who understands the journey to achieve your goals. As much as running the small business back at home.

I find that is very challenging when seeking funding. I always ask myself why others reach their goals faster and why i’m much more slower? Is the difference between those who are more passionate or determine about their goals clearly? Or are they lucky enough to know people around them who truly understand and support them because they are capable? Why some people trying to reach their goals is slower?

Are they not good enough? Or are they not doing the right thing and keep repeating the same mistakes? These are the questions i kept asking myself. Doing the best everyday is all i can say to myself for now, but what do i really need? How do i tackle the obstacles in order to reach for my goal? Is my purpose of the goal is clear enough? Does my goals will benefit the growth of the product and service? Do people really need my services or products? Or is there better products or services that what i’m offering? Or do people see that i’m not good enough? Or is there better ones out there?

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Also alot of people who knows more about business, yes they are smarter. Some are not even smart. But the point is how serious you want to grow the business? By helping to solve more problems for the skills you’re good at? Or just earning more money as a career and looking all successful?

As for me i’m trying to help the startup community to grow their business with the business services i provide from marketing, advertising, social media, graphic designs and also website designs. But it seems like nowadays people don’t need these services. But how companies are growing? I will like to offer my digital products and service to people who need it. Hopefully it will create a better market. Maybe is a marketplace? Maybe i will understand more later. Maybe time will tell. At times like this, yes we can easily self-doubt and not getting much support. In this generation, alot of people need support, inspiration and motivation. There so many good and great stuffs out there, they are people around you tell you there are something better and something out there is always right for you. But here i am believing in my dreams, trying to achieve my small goals from day to day basis.

Reminding people of all their wrongs, shortcomings, flaws and sins will never build them up. You’re not helping them, you’re hurting them.

Why do i have to blog? Well, it gives me to express the feeling of understanding my situation. Not many people will understand you, everyone will tell you, you’re doing this wrong and correcting the things you’re doing. Some people they spent time correcting people so much that they themselves have flaws too. Why bother so much talking about it instead you can give moral support and encouragement? If you’re good at finding mistakes in others, you must also be good at correcting your own. Everyday is a learning journey, if you keep correcting others now and then, how are they going to be better at themselves? Some people get their kicks and feel powerful by cutting others down so this correction can sometimes be considered a form of bullying. Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.

Originally published at on January 16, 2017.

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