Overcoming Obstacles and Reaching My Goals: My Journey to Personal Success

Finally, I have time to write my blog! My 2022 wrapped-up is pretty much simple, focused, tedious, and pretty much involved with my personal and private life. I’m glad with Covid-19 measures are getting better, the borders are open and now we can travel!

Before i begin.... thank you to Wise. I use this on apple wallet & watch to make payments & transfer easily when i'm travelling in Malaysia & Singapore. 

Some cool & great things happening offline and in real life & launching my new personal site with a more relevant & minimal design focus look focusing on my remote design studio, vlog, podcast & blog. Check it out here: https://fajarsiddiq.com & full of surprises unwrapped in 2022 but decided to post this blog on 14th March 2023 on my birthday!

The year 2023 new look for www.fajarsiddiq.com — focus on minimal, relevant & execution!

Thank you for the mango cake surprise!
My wife surprised me with a Mango Cake on my 37th birthday today!
Finally, Got Married after 2 years of Covid-19 Lockdown

✅ Q1 Financial Goals
✅ Q2 Got Married Goals 
✅ Q3 Travel & Family Goals
✅ Q4 Legal Documents Goals

🚧 Content Creation & Business Goal for 2023 — (Hopefully goes smoothly & growing) 
Podcast Audio & Video Blog Snippets for Instagram reels, TikTok posts & youtube shorts. Hopefully, in the early year 2023, I can launch a mobile video editing service smoothly as I love editing videos on the go.

As much as I’m happy with my current goals, I still do have my previous goals from the previous year as I’m always learning and still trying to do things. Some of the things I take my time to do and some things in life i need to prioritize, especially health and finance. 

One of the reasons I wrote this wrapped up is because of goals. Do we really need goals in life? I believe we do need it, either short-term goals or long-term goals. It can help us to move forward in life. Goals give us a roadmap to follow and hold ourselves accountable even if we fail. I do face failure and struggle in previous goals in the year 2021, should I blame Covid-19 or time will tell have patience. I felt like it was so hard to achieve but I told myself I should take it easy and don’t be hard on myself. One of the best ways to not disappoint yourself or put high expectations on your goals is to live your life how you want to improve your habits better. In 2021 I had no resolution and I didn’t even write what I want to focus https://blog.fajarsiddiq.com/2021-no-resolution/ and another blog post on getting married https://blog.fajarsiddiq.com/jodoh/ There are stages in our lives that trigger us to think about getting stable finance, health, and family, etc.

Husband & Wife working remotely

I always tell myself, to not overwhelm things and say more “No” as I want to achieve the “less is more” concept of doing things. Getting things organized makes me feel happy and grateful but at the same time I love perfection but it can be hurtful, so I realize doing things in a minimal way is better. I learn a lot from my previous goal settings to not overdo it and set high expectations as it can affect my mental health. 

As I’m growing older, I’m learning more about finance and how to deal with people. In my journey, I’ve seen many types of people from all walks of life and different background. I always try to practice a positive attitude & stay resilient. 

This year I didn’t manage to write so much on my blog, but I shared more updates & wrote some snippets of thoughts on my telegram channel https://t.me/fajarsiddiqfs. I told myself not to add all these content updates to my blog. I my other updates like videos and images, I share them on Instagram & Tiktok stories. I open commissions for 30 slots on mobile video editing and also Coffee Chats with me for 1-on-1. 

🍽️ Slice & Start Thinking
✨ Dream > Project > Task

🧀 Dream: Whole Piece of Cheese
🧀 Project: Quarter of Cheese
🧀 Task: A slice of Cheese

✅ Keep Doing
🔵 Learn > Plan > Prepare > Do > 🔴 
🔵 Learn > Plan > Do > 🔴 
🔵 Learn > Do > 🔴 
🔵 Do > 🔴 

🔵 New Experiment
🔴 Point when you realize it’s not the right time thing or approach (aka failed experiment)

Just to summarize in a point form what I can remember and do:

· Stripe Mixer Meet-up 
· Meet Jamstack Makers Community Member
· MRR Goals Stripe — Ramen Profitable
· Fishing in MY, in SG Day 1, Day 2, Day 3
· Kuala Lumpur, Kedah, Kelantan, Perlis, Penang, Hatyai Thailand Roadtrip
· Lato-Lato and I suck at it lol 
· Mobile video editing service to make reels or shorts
· Laksa Kedah cook by my wife
· Countdown in Malaysia on my apple watch with fireworks
· New haircut, better weight & medication and food intake
· Google Adsense payout for 2022
· Process & submit legal documents to Immigration for travel 
· Bought new books, a Uniqlo t-shirt, pants, boat shoes, pillows & other home essentials
· Bought social media Figma design templates & screen studio software
· Grow newsletter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter followers 
· Create new Indiepreneur Community & logo on Twitter
· Attend online religious education class with wife
· Bought a new English Qur’an, Sahih International Version & make a video review
· Meet other entrepreneurs ask for advice & help other founders
· Bought a new Roku & Xiaomi Stick for my internet TV
· Plant more trees via voice-over projects with makers
· Practice Mindfulness, create Tiktok Commission Account
· Use ChatGPT & explore Artificial Intelligence projects for makers
· Got more design project contract work & partnerships for 2023
· celebrate my wife's birthday first time together at Menara KL, Atmosphere 360
· Plant Trees for 2022 Hacktoberfest instead of getting the t-shirt
· Make Homemade Pizza for my wife
· Got my monthly Stripe payout to grow MRR
· Got my Moderna Bivalent 4th Dose & complete 2 booster jab for Covid-19
· Create more folder directories for backup on google drive for content creation
· Verify my business account for Euphorya at Wise
· Give Feedback, Hunt & Tweet shout-out to help other makers launch in the community
· Fajar Siddiq Newsletter change name to Serial Indiepreneur
· Bought my first adjustable desk & chair for my home office
· Plan Productized Service Model for Euphorya
· Collect my official Marriage Certificate & Marriage Card
· Attend first tech event Jomlaunch 2022 in Malaysia with my wife
· Cook Saba fish with Teriyaki Sauce with wife
· Get to know my wife's family in Malaysia & spending more time with them
· Setup Wise card for apple pay instead of using a DBS bank card for travel 
· Create a new yo-yo combo snippet video on Twitter 
· Bought a new yo-yo & completed JomSpeed Challenge 10 tricks in 15secs
· Bought Louis Vuitton & Kate Spade Bag for my wife after getting married
· Grow my invoice with more Euphorya sales via pay now and wave apps
· Partnership with Bynoorwa Design Agency, my wife's business for Graphic Design
· Help my wife open a business bank Maybank
· Road trip honeymoon with my wife to Johor, Malacca, Kuala Lumpur, Cameron Highlands, Perak, Penang & Kedah
· Got myself a wedding gift apple watch & iPhone 13 mini from my wife
· Set aside a budget for renting a house, family expenses & traveling
· Working remotely from Airbnb during Roadtrip Honeymoon
· Apply new HDB house listing from SBF to BTO flats
· Apply VEP auto pass card for my wife to drive a Malaysia car in Singapore
· 2022 Charity Projects to help more people around me and also the poor & needy
· First Twitter announcement in public after getting married
· Make a Wedding Event & Invited close friends & family in Malaysia only
· Got married to a Entrepreneur & Designer in Selangor, Malaysia
· Settle legal documents to get married & travel new state: Kedah & Perak in Malaysia
· Spend Wedding Items & make Wedding Event Website & Digital Card 
· Do many design contract work projects for Euphorya client 
· Got engage in the early month of May 2022
· Travel to Malaysia after 2 years of lockdown & celebrate hari raya aidilfitri in Malaysia
· Reach my financial goals for some personal savings
· Settle Family finance documents
· Clear my bills, tax, and other house cost expenses
· Move out of the house & shift to a new place in Singapore
· Introduce my Singapore & new Malaysia family via Facetime Video Call 
· Got my first GitHub sponsor through the discord dev community
· Volunteer to grow & help Indie-Makers Community: WIP, Makerlog, Maker’s Kitchen, Ramadan Makers, Jamstack Makers, Lioncity Makers, Microstartups
· Completed my Quran recitation full book in the month of Ramadan
· Won Fanzuruu Ramadan Video Challenge on Instagram reel posts 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
· Got in Finals Golden Kitty Awards 2021 & Swag for Hacktoberfest 2021 in the year 2022
· Move my blog from ghost & revue to Publii & Substack
· Celebrate my 36th Birthday with my siblings and got my cake
· Making 10 first pages into a video for Stuck Book on Tiktok & Facebook
· Learn to cook Campbell’s Creamy Mushroom Chicken
· Got sponsored post by Microsoft for Hackathon Event content creation
· Staycation at Ji Hotel Orchard Singapore after 2 years can’t travel due to Covid-19
· Make first Instagram reels doing offstring yo-yo combo & learn to use the Inshot app to edit

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