Media Streaming Site for Ilm Productions

trying to build Media Streaming Site for Ilm Productions

So been running the platform for 2 years on social media. We have no idea how the business model works but just a service. Building database + service + content can be really difficult when you are not funded well with good business model. So this year after moving out from the office, decided to take things differently how things can be better in terms of financially, stability, productivity and also finding the right balance for the company/products/services. Is really tough and not easy to make decisions when everything you try to do is free.

So after recent plenty of talks from tech community, i met alot of ceos, engineers, startups and also a few vc’s. I asked so many questions about how should i scale business, pivot business, build business, business plans, get vc to invest, get funded, get things done and put it to market validation. Is not easy because you’re at startup stage. Is been a long journey and tiring for me. I asked myself not to give up because you have to really learn, practice and make tons of mistakes in order for you to get the best experience and also i’ve been facing tons of rejections. All these lessons are just the beginnings and often i found these patterns will come again and again every time. Is really very normal. So What can i do much? All i do is worry and worry that doesn’t get me anywhere.

So i started to focus on some nice designs and some cool tech stuffs ideas to put in together to bring everything alive. I have to do alot of research and plenty of brainstorming. Alot of late nights, grinding back to back and just focus one thing uniquely well on growing my ideas and building something that gives alot of meaning that will benefit others too. Some of the things that is possible for me to take steps could be easier if i was part of some community or company, in these days there are so many fundings and yet poor return of investments, poor ideas and lack of creativity. Everyone just want to get funded, get supported, just get through the stages of accelerator and incubator, which i find most of the pitches are just OK.

Media Streaming Site for Ilm Productions, tried to launch but failed. Maybe i will continue in the future.

Solving problems is one thing and creating a niche in the market another thing, you can’t expect everything to be perfect at the end of the day. Alot of startups struggle, sacrificing their own personal time to able to create something meaningful in their life, but yet people around you say “oh don’t waste time!” go do something else. I hate people like these, they have no idea what our purpose and passion. I mean i’ve been an employee before working 8–5 and on different shifts. Business is something really difficult i must say. You need to have specific set of skills and to grow your business by using it uniquely well. Nowadays not many people around me have great skills in work life, they just wanna go to work, get things done and get paid. I’ve been there, is really easy. I want something more challenging yet full of surprises. In the world of tech and creativity is really fun because i get to experience and explore my inner potentials and it make me think really hard to solve some really technical issues. And is really awesome when you get to solve it and you will feel really appreciated unlike when you work for others at times you can only show a little.

Trying to build media streaming platform. Is not easy because you have to deal alot of loopholes. Keep building and keeping hacking. All i can say one word, disrupt.

Originally published at on October 16, 2016.

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