Making my 1st Gif!

Back in the days i spend time creating .gif files for social media marketing. It was one of the most fastest way to see animation/video to influence on the social media. Now i’m back creating some nice .gif for myself! Making videos and photos is too easy, but one of my dreams is to learn motion graphic and animation. Is really beautiful in many medium form. So here i am creating simple .gif face with beard and moustache hosting on my wordpress/godaddy. It looks good!

For the beard and moustached template download here for free in .png: http://nobacks.com/beard-six/

 You can create on online version with no hassle but with watermark on: https://imgflip.com/images-to-gif

haha i look like some hipster dude!
making the layers on photoshop with the filters
adding the filter thingy and save for the web to animate on photoshop
before exporting, you need to choose the settings for gif on photoshop

Originally published at www.fajarsiddiq.com on September 3, 2016.

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