Limitless Thinking, business model.

thinking about business model canvas, really interesting

Making the small things unforgettable, this is my February. This is how i make progress and not talking about how painful my journey is. Everyone have tough times, but the point is how we progress. The progress that align with the vision of our goal. To achieve our goal we need to realize our potentials.

Everyone have potential, So what’s yours?

Here’s mine, i have a very set of digital skill that i want to use in my career. Digital skills can be use in this millennial era. For more than 10 years, i have been a self-taught creative in this technology world.

It is very important to find more time to improve your interest in this industry by picking up a skill.

If you don’t have interest in the things you are passionate about,
 Then is hard for you to vision your goal.

Every goals have a dateline. Every knowledge you pick up it needs to be practice. Practice take times but doesn’t mean you could just take your time. You have goals to achieve, you can’t simply just sit around and keep talking. Putting your goals into action is very important.

There is the difference between personal goals and company goals.

You only share your personal goals with yourself because you want to achieve it by doing it and not just talking to it. The problem about people is just that they talk all the time and nothing is being done. They think highly of themselves as if they have already achieve it. You have to go through the grind and make it happen.
 You don’t discourage people, you build them up by motivating others and inspire them.

Company goals is a general statement of achievement while an objective is a specific step or action you take to reach your goal. Goals and objectives are important to the entrepreneur, as they clarify the purpose of the business and help identify necessary actions. Goals can involve areas such as profitability, growth and customer service.

Business is about making money and is not about holding on to your problems. We have to solve problems and not jeopardize the company by not making it grow. To show interest, passion, enthusiasm, willing to sacrifice, learn to collaborate and communicate.

We need to have powerful ideas, from strong business model, executing different results and improving it.

We need to make this simple. Making mistakes is part of the progress. But if you’re not making any mistakes, it means you are not progressing. You have to put an effort to do things together and need to work with people that you can trust. Somethings have to change. Is time for a big change and here i am.

Is time to be limitless.

Originally published at www.fajarsiddiq.com on February 5, 2017.