Kuala Lumpur Trip - Euphorya

4K camera was fun to play with

Is the month where i will just keep on doing things to finish up. I want to finish up things more faster. Is getting really challenging as the pressure goes on.

Being a creative person or person who spent time doing quality work it just takes time and most importantly, ideas don’t come easily. It takes sleepless night and endless trials.

On our way to Malaysia, in the bus from Singapore
At this delicious A&W corndog, bus breaks.

I feel so exhausted lately and yet the people around me keep pushing my limits. As for me, the more pressure you put to me, i will feel anxiety. When anxiety strikes i will just automatically shut myself from all the noise and i will start to ignore you. We are people that are born with feelings and also with brains to think. Why can’t we just be better person? Better in understanding the religion, better in understanding a certain skills in a industry and the list goes on. Being better is important but not putting pressure.

Check in the hotel, test out everything!
lol we are excited for the first overseas trip dude!
“It’s a good thing that at a startup, being stressed is often balanced by being excited. Otherwise the stress would kill you”

Just one day before i was in batam and next day go to Kuala Lumpur, stay over at Starpoints Hotel at Jalan Masjid India. The hotel is good stay. Had to do video recording over at Menara Felda like 8 hours of recording + 3 days of trip video recording. It was tiring but worth it i guess? Different industry i have to deal with.

Finally after so many years we have our own startup tshirt officially! I think that is like 6 years late! haha. Startup this days just waste time on all this cool merch, we didn’t focus on that, but after 6 years we had ours printed! Because we need to! lol

Glad to print my first company tshirt, “Euphorya!” And also first company trip together with my partner. I can’t wait to launch my company officially and get investors. So much money need to make and to cover many cost too. This is neither a holiday trip though it looks like but is not.

Got back from Batam & KL, spent my time with family, work and classes. I felt that this time is more challenging as stress and anxiety strikes.

Team breakfast dude! Good Morning Kuala Lumpur!
Livestream team! “MEDIA” actually lol
Chill and stream!
the event ended, and i saw this right outside of the building! Is really beautiful!
Good morning, back to Singapore!

Originally published at on May 2, 2017.