Keep going, don't stop, push harder


My living room co-working space!
Keep going, don’t stop, push harder! Yes currently this is what i’m going through. Some challenges whereby i feel stuck and i felt the loneliness inside me. When facing “stuck” is one of the most difficult things i face as an entrepreneur (self-employed).
 Some of the key problems or situations is this process i’m feeling. The process of wanting to do better but you are stuck because they are things that you need and you can’t have it. Costing can be a big problem and there are many obstacles like building the right team, executing the projects & meeting the datelines and getting the right amount of ROI (return of investments) so that the company could grow, stable and produce better.

How to get this done? Like seriously, the feeling is painful because you have to anticipate things around you that is happening when you are out there trying to do your best and try to find solutions and yet is not solve. Is like a losing battle except you know you there will be one moment you will win it all. All it takes is just 1 win to change everything. That winning moment will come when things are align. Yes, people may say you’re not good enough for this and that, you’re not qualified, you are not bla bla bla. Those people who talk as if they know my industry, they know what i’m really doing, as if they know the process is easy and as if they know they have done it before. Every entrepreneur knows doing business is not easy when challenges and tough times strike. It can become nightmare, you will have sleepless night and sleeping pattern change.

Often times, i ask myself, should i really give up? Should i work on better ideas? Or should i just go and work 8–5 job? I don’t really like the idea of just earning that way or how things work in that way. I will like to multiply my finances in many ways so i could grow, help, change and disrupt things that matter the most and i care about. I’m not here to change to world, but to create impact, make things possible and also make it beneficial for myself and others. Everyone struggles from many challenges trying to focus on being better. I’m trying to provide a better product and service that will create a better economy and help people around the world. I’m waiting for that moment to come and yet i was upset with my progress. I felt my capabilities is worth the try and i could do this, but i’m still “stuck” right now. I feel i need to break these walls for me to make the biggest change in my life.

I want people to start using my services and products that could benefit them. I want to create more jobs, i want to build a growing community that gives an impact to the market. I want to disrupt the industry. I believe i can do this but i’m still “stuck”. I continue to pray and continue to do the small things that i have always been working on and trying to get things done. I want to balance my results and performance from all my startups that i’m running. Is already the month of March, i’m here alone back at my home office “co-working space” i build. Waking up every morning and going through the sleepless night and hoping better days ahead. I feel some things need to change around me. I need to keep on going even there are stops that is bothering me. I need to make it happen and push harder. I really hope there will be a way for me to make this happen and not just making my dreams come true. The struggle is pure intense, at times i’m so tired and i just want to sleep and start another day tomorrow feeling better. At times i speak to my friends around me, only a few understand and the rest just say, keep going and don’t give up. Again, never ever give up! never give up! and never ever give up!


PS: Funding is all i need, i’ll show you how my product and service works.

Originally published at on March 22, 2017.