Went to simlim square to check this out!

Is always about this question: BILA NAK KAHWIN? Seriously, this is a question about just JODOH. “When you’re getting married?”

Jodoh have many means too and also persoalan kahwin tu is yes, memang lah usaha, sini sana ta’aruf but if not success what can we do kan? yes mohon doa and also keep going. But things doesn’t go as it is right. So yeah this is life, everything is written and Allah is the best planner. I’m also finding the best criteria for my wife. I need to choose a good women to be my wife as i’m in business and i’m a muslim.

Walk around in the city today!

Not many women will understand, people expect stable job, handsome man and the list goes on. I only can be myself and be the best i could to live this life. What’s all the rush? What’s all the questions? What’s all the fear-mongering? Insya’allah it will come, when it will come, be prepare to take responsibilities to the next level too.

Originally published at on March 28, 2017.