Ilm Productions Website Design & Social Media

Design the logo and created the facebook page in 2014 in Makkah, Saudi Arabia during my umrah trip. Glad to be the first person to like this page!

The draft was written in 10minutes just to make things happen back in 2014. Because i’m specialized in web-designing. So this remind me how passionate when i started to focus on something i really want to do. It was simple things that come into my mind to visualize. So yeah, i’m looking forward to focus more on this pretty soon.

Well there are somethings that i need to put up straight between bootstrapping vs funding. Both ways are good but i need to go faster now and i can only pick one. So let’s communicate, execute and revise! I’m ready for all this. Ready! We started really small and wanting to build something with great design platform.

PS: i can’t remember when i did this, but it was like back then in 2014 when i was discussing with the close friend of mine. It was all good

UI/UX sketch draft for the website i had.

Originally published at on October 5, 2016.

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