Heart Healers CD - Quran Recitation

This is our first audio recording project together to publish quran recitation. We were very new on this, Alhamdulillah, me and my team, Ilm Productions manage to make this successful one. We also got a feedback from a professional sound engineer, “Uncle Mokhtar” to improve and learn on the “limiter” settings. We learn quickly and we collaborated thru online email. I’ve work with him closely to understand some settings. Turns out, we did pretty well for this kind of recording setup! Is awesome.

behind the scene of making the CD Heart Healers.

Previously we had some video production recording! It was really fun to collaborate & promote quran recitation. It was very great experience!

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Ilm Productions Team with Ustaz Ulul Azmy at his home.

We been running the production works for like 2 years plus already and still trying to figure out how to sustain at Ilm Productions, one of my islamic production company. We make Quran Recitation Audio CD & Launched! one of my startup. Sales was good!

Me & Ustaz Ulul Azmy, our first time did the recording and producing the audios.

There are many challenges in terms of running a startup. So recently we make a new product. We did the audio recording, editing, designing and the marketing. Is really fun to work together as a team and focus on a project.

Printed & Distributed

I really hope in time to come we could focus on sustaining the business and also use the funds to grow on a larger scale. So here is recent production work with the team for recitation project. CD is available. Audio demo available on soundcloud:

thanks to my awesome team for making this project success!

We also continue the production for another batch of orders! As the first badge sold out. The new cover design with same improved audio. I adjust the audio sound. In the future our plans in 2019 is to distribute on Spotify for quran recitation! Check out the sound cloud below for demo.

Originally published at on September 27, 2016.