Gatsby + Figma + Netlify = Free Landing Page

So i’ve been using Figma for 2 years and i enjoy designing it. I learn how to make a simple landing page design. One of my maker friend @mddanishyusuf (founder of nocodeapi.com) help me out in the coding for gatsby and open source the code.
A year ago i made a no-code game called “supermakers” and got #4 product of the day on producthunt.com I enjoy making the no-code game and share it with the community. I use withkoji.com to make the game. Bought a domain on namecheap and also deploy the website on netlify and upload my repo on github.com


You can download this landing page template for free.
What’s included? - Gatsby Source code & Figma Design Files
✅ Official Website: www.supermakers.xyz