Focus on the process not just the outcome.

2011, the starting year of my startup, with ui/ux drawn on my room mirror.

While focusing on the things i want to build, i met alot of people as i stumble upon my challenges and obstacles. So there are a few things i went through and i want to share with people but most people are there not to hear your problems, they just want to hear how well you are doing, what’s new and what you have to offer.

Is irony how some people thinks about you and at the same time they are your friend or family, yet you look up to them because they have a good position in a company, or doing well in their life, have a good family environment and happy about their results. Oh let me stop for a while and quote this to reflect upon what matter the most,

“You should focus on the process not just the outcome.”

Many people wanting to have great results! But i think process are the most important part because you get to enjoy the journey and no one likes that, because is all difficult and troublesome, facing the struggles and challenges, right? Yes, always focus on the process to make you feel much more appreciated because what you are about what you’re doing is just achieving that goal that leads to end results. Everyone want something cheap, good and fast and instant results. Then sharing with everyone with a big news! This sucks, seriously! to me, because it corrupts people mindset of doing things. We all know we work hard for that little time and effort we put in and people always expect something big and you always want to do something big and you don’t get it done because you can’t be patient enough to show off to people and at the end of the day, you get a sucky feedback, sucky results, sucky feelings all around you and all this sucky-pucky in you wanting to do something big. What is really important here is what i called “PROCESS!” process it takes time and effort. Learn to love the process, and make tiny little progress everyday to do it and eventually you will have an on going results that makes it on a consistent basis. That makes you feel wanting to do more in what you’re focusing in. So trust the process and never judge the process. Be committed and discipline towards every of your process and merely not just about your results.

To continue this i attached this very beautiful post from my facebook newsfeed. Love this one, pick up from brightside facebook post video.

6 Things you should keep secret.

1. Don’t share your plans with everyone. Only talk about them if they come true.

2. Don’t talk about the intimate details of your lifestyle. Modesty only works if you’re restrained in words.

3. Never talk about how heroic you are. Everyone goes through tough times and is rewarded for it. But no one sees how you overcome internal struggles. Your success here is for you alone.

4. Never declare how enlightened you are. Reveal your knowledge only when those around you need it as well.

5. Never talk about conflicts at home or family problems. The less you speak about family conflicts the stronger and more stable it will be.

6. Don’t bring up unpleasant thing you’ve heard. He who recounts all that he hears on the street is no different to the person who doesn’t wipe their feet as the come in.

Originally published at on October 2, 2016.