Datelines & Renewal

Is no longer hackathons, pitchings, presentations, talks, meetups, discussion, brainstorming! Now is all about datelines! datelines! and datelines! Pile of work is on me. I’m ready to perform faster, better and with great quality! Is not easy, need more rest, need more prayers, need more better health. I’m thankful for what the almighty have given me. Being a digital entrepreneur and doing things with all sort of visuals takes time! At times i can’t even write proper english because everything what i was doing is creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking!!!!!!

expiring business license received in letters

Dreams don’t have deadlines. I’m thinking of doing bigger and better things and having more fun with it. All these pressures shaped me to be a better entrepreneur! mistakes or risk? I choose mistakes because i learn! If i were to take risk, I will be loosing interest in what i’m doing and my passion will die off.

renew my business license on the acra app

Let’s crash the deadlines!

Using the latest app by the government: ACRA BIZFILE APP ON THE GO!
 Love it, very fast less then 1 minute everything settle.

Originally published at www.fajarsiddiq.com on December 7, 2016.