Creating Branding & Marketing for Online Seafood Company "ShellWe?"

Projects after projects, just need to complete everything in time. The quote “finish but perfect” makes me stay on focus and my intentions crystal clear. In everyday challenges we face, we need to be very positive in doing things we love. But everything else needs to have quality and market validation on building products or service. Inspired by Louisiana seafood!

My goal for this project is to build a very strong fast-food advertising kind of look and to get the attention of potential customers from online, social media from facebook to instagram. People eat outdoors and indoors! awesome business model. You simply just lay it out on a piece of big plastic bag on the table to eat together


Created an awesome video ad!

social media video ads!
taking photos for shellwe? for the branding in 2016

So here’s me, building business tool for the client. How we can use social media in a better way by helping small startups. So i build all this within 3 days. Is really important to really know clearly what you want to do. Time has wonderful ways of showing us what really matters!

website design for shellwe?
creating social media pages like facebook and instagram to drive traffic and find customers who have interest in seafood!

So this is some of the things i from graphic designs of logo, web-banners, profile picture, cover photos of different sizes, social media description for post, photography, videography, instagram, website with CMS installation, domain, server hosting, themes and plugins!

All started from the bento box idea.

also edited alot of videos for shellwe? 
Here are some very simple customer video that i did

Food with family is love!
happy customers and everybody is eating together!

For more you can visit:
- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shellweSG/
- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shellwesg

Originally published at www.fajarsiddiq.com on November 19, 2016.

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