🤗 Community Member Of The Year 2019 - 🏆 Honorable Mentions

I’m blessed to read this on my twitter. Today Ryan Hoover founder of Product Hunt wrote Product Hunt Stories, 😻🏆 “Announcing The 2019 Golden Kitty Award Winners” (Congratulations everyone!) Weeks before the announcement, Product Hunt shared this on their website. First of all i want to congratulate all those who were nominated for the “Community Member of the year 2019” as well. This was non-voted category. I took this screenshot and share on twitter for memories. Many of these people were nominated were people i met were from makers community online from all over the world. They were friendly, nice and sharing new products they are making.


So today was the announcement of the winners! I read every category and also names of the winners. Second of all Congratulations to everyone!

Winners: https://www.producthunt.com/stories/announcing-the-2019-golden-kitty-award-winners

Third of all, I’m blessed to read the category: “Community Member Of The Year 2019 — Honorable Mentions” Along together with my awesome maker friend i met first time in real life in 2019 Zoe Chew from Malaysia, i met her in Kuala Lumpur and also congratulations maker Lisa Dziuba, funny/creative/super cool/womenmaker i met on twitter in 2019 as well. And YOOOO congrats to Lachlan Kirkwood and also the winner of Community Member Of The Year 2019 is Kunal Bhatia! I just followed him on twitter after the announcement. CONGRATS YOU ALL! 😃

Shout out to other makers community from Makerlog, Women Make, WIP, Indie Hackers, Maker’s Kitchen, Ramadan Makers, Open Podcast, JAMstack Makers, Newsletter Geeks, Maker Mind, DEV.to, Figma Community & Nomadlist. Other people i met on discord, instagram , telegram, twitter and linkedin. Much love to all of you ❤
Honorable Mentions, Thank you. #blessedandgratful
💜 RT for love: I also shared a retweet with a comment.
😹 And also saw a funny tweet after that (must watch) i just learn how to do _redirects on netlify recently.
Congratulations to Ryan, founder of Product Hunt, wow 73 community meetups IRL and also the all new YOUR STACK! — https://yourstack.com/

I saw this on my social media notifications when “Your Stack” Beta was up.
Cool work by Product Hunt, looking forward to see this more!

https://yourstack.com/@fajarsiddiqFS (SOON!)

Product Hunt Global Meet Up 2019 Singapore 🇸🇬

The day before of the announcement, i was at Product Hunt Singapore Meet-up at SG Innovate. I’m blessed to attend to this event first time in Singapore (where i’m from). It was an awesome discussion by the panel of speakers. Thanks to Alvin and Rahul for putting this together and as well as Abadesi from Product Hunt. Glad to here stories from the founders during the event and also manage to talk to other makers as well!

Event Link: https://meetups.producthunt.com/events/details/product-hunt-singapore-presents-product-hunt-global-meetup-singapore/#/
Product Hunt Global Meet Up 2019 Singapore 🇸🇬

Right after the event, we went for food & drinks and we continue to share about our startups, projects, journeys, ideas in real life! It was great session. 
Shout out to awesome people i met: Yuliya, Jaap, Dmitry, Keval, Kai, Linus, Rahul, Michael and many other more makers! Do keep in touch with me on telegram or twitter. I hope to go for more meetups like these that i could learn in the community.

✌️Stay Fresh & Keep Making! Meet them first time at Product Hunt Global Meetup Singapore 2020

We started to exchange contact, i was asking some of them for twitter to follow, but most of them shared linkedin account to add up. Some of the makers did not use twitter or telegram, but they are founders who use linkedin. So they told me to get on linkedin. And when i use linked in, i discover more about “recommendations”.

I started to use Linkedin Recommendations the next day.

Last buy not least, i received the highest coffee in one transaction! 
Someone just bought me ☕ 10 coffees out of no where from https://fajarsiddiq.com/coffee As an indie-maker, i’m very happy to received this. Thank you Buy Me A Coffee for making this! Love the Stripe notifications i’m getting when there is $MAKER. 🙌


Is been years since young i build communities online and offline, i only became more active on twitter, product hunt, makerlog, indie hackers, slack and telegram in 2018–2019. I was having burnout and taking a break from business and decided to learn & experiment more about community building & as well as product management.

Before this i’ve build communities in at my SME (small medium enterprise) dementclothing.com and ilmproduction.com. There is more to mention, but some are shut down and some is still building, for more you can view https://fajarsiddiq.com/projects. This blog post is also shared on indiehackers in my milestones.

Also last but not least, i like to share this books i got recently last few months back. A book“Get Together” published by Stripe Press. I got this book when i was at the JAMstackSingapore Meet Up at Stripe Office in Singapore. “How to Build a Community With Your People”. — https://gettogetherbook.com/

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