Meet the ceos and vc

Just taking down notes from yesterday’s talk.Hear from Aaron Patzer, CEO of, Gary Liu, CEO of Digg and Paul Bragiel, Founding Partner of Golden Gate Ventures on The Next Big Thing.

Meet the ceos and vc
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Just taking down notes from yesterday’s talk.
Hear from Aaron Patzer, CEO of, Gary Liu, CEO of Digg, and Paul Bragiel, Founding Partner of Golden Gate Ventures on The Next Big Thing.

Aaron Patzer, previously Founder & CEO of, Co-Founder & CEO of Fountain, and VP of Product Innovation Intuit. He is currently the Founder of ER AI.
Prior to Mint, Aaron worked in the fields of electronic design automation (EDA) and CAD tools, microprocessor design (including two patents inside the Playstation 3 processor), optical networking, routing algorithms, and bioinformatics.

Gary Liu is CEO of (the new!) Digg, part of the Betaworks family. Previously, he led Labs and Ad Product Strategy at Spotify. Before that, he spent time at AOL, Clickable, and Google.

Paul Bragiel is a 3-time entrepreneur that is the founder of Golden Gate Ventures, an early-stage fund in SE Asia. He also sits on the advisory board of the car-sharing service Uber. Collectively he’s invested in seed rounds to over 180+ companies which include holdings in other billion-dollar companies like Unity & Zappos. In addition to his work in the US he has started regional funds in Silicon Valley (Bragiel Brothers) & Africa (Savannah Fund) and vertical funds in gaming (Game Founders) & VR (Presence).

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Biggest mistakes:
Speaker 1: Market validation, solve a real problem in a big market to use technology to scale
Users use your product as quickly as possible, winner 2007 TechCrunch disrupt winner

Speaker 2: practical want your parents want you to do, market development and feature development
Something really matters and is world-changing, taking a risk

Speaker 3: safety and happiness are different. Bad co-founder, excited idea He is strict with work. Game company

In general and specific: Fintech

At the NUS Enterprise this time, glad to join this kopi chat with one of successful entrepreneurs.

Next Big Ideas:
Speaker 1: Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing (pitch decks: slide)
gary: media technology company, messaging apps, (WeChat & line) — runtime messaging

Speaker 2: AR, mobile. Food and agriculture Aggregation Vs Commodity people behind the company, specific skill set, team dies cofounder fight. Figure out the distribution, Ready for scale Engineer to a business guy

Press later, product build first

Speaker 3:

50% on the engineers to paid out Hire somebody great and give them some 50% Get respect from engineers Paying respect for their craft Native apps download getting spammier Virality, a core group of users in the marketplace Ios, android & responsive web is better Culturally and financially help needed in Singapore Manufacture and high tech needed in Singapore Challenge to do things to do big to build big brands

Singapore has more resourceful than everything else

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