Akad Nikah & Walima Lunch


Delicious food!

Is the weekend, saturday. I woke up early trying to finish some project work. Then, rush to my friend’s wedding reception and solemnization. I’m glad to see him nikah. Masya’allah.

beautiful interior decoration wedding display design for the event

May allah guide him, grant him hidayah, true understanding of the religion in islam to the straight path with his new family. May Allah grant him sakinah, mawaddah and warrahmah in his marriage in this dunya till akhirah. The food was delicious and ate again! lol I did some silat performance just for him and probably going to be last time. We both are ex-national silat team partner, we train together, laugh together, had fun times and also he is my secondary school mate. Also get to catch up with my other friends from secondary school and my homies.

Homies! Friends i grow up with.

Originally published at on March 18, 2017.