2021 No Resolution

drinking fresh coconut
Hey 2021, I’m here back at medium & writing my blog, I guess is the new look and feel. This is my first newsletter via medium and hope you all are doing fine! Here’s a coconut juice drink to celebrate my journey to a better habit lifestyle.

I’ve been doing these:

What I have been doing?

1. write more & drink warm water

2. start my day early

3. rest 8hrs sleep

4. cycle, swim

5. read some books

6. video call with makers/founders

7. chat less

8. call friends & hang out with family

9. reality check

10. see nature

11. food intake

12. focus on my health

13. buy my own groceries

14. cook my own food

15. take photo & video with my phone

16. give more time to myself

17. reply only important things

18. no 2021 resolutions

19. on time own target

20. clear backlogs

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